Meet Deana Delrose

Hi, I'm Deana Delrose, Founder & CEO of OGCJ Clothing Co.

I started OGCJ in March of 2014. I was inspired to create OGCJ because growing up my family didn't have a lot of money. I felt judged by the clothes that I wore and often related to being the black sheep.

I frequently observed how people are so quick to judge other people. I used to ask myself, "how can you judge someone if you don't know them?" "If you don't know what they have been through?" Sure, it's easy to categorize someone, gossip, give your opinion, and maybe even say bad things about them, but is it fair? Is it kind? No. I get that it's a human thing, I am not perfect I am guilty of doing it sometimes too. However, God always corrects me when I do. And I am at least aware which is the first step to changing anything.

When I first heard the saying Only God Can Judge Me (thanks Tupac, GOAT) it struck a chord within my spirit. It became my mantra. No matter what, Only God Can Judge. As I grew older, I held onto that mantra, and eventually one day it hit me, to start a clothing company with it.

Shortly after I started OGCJ, I was faced with a crisis. I found myself full of anxiety, depression, fear, financial hardships, and addiction. I was in so much pain, trouble and had to get help. Thanks be to God, I did. I wasn’t always a woman of faith, but when I hit rock bottom that’s where I met Jesus. My faith helped me get through so much and I was able to work on OGCJ again!

Lastly, being a business owner requires many things. Determination, courage, patience, faith, and the belief in yourself. As they say, if you don't believe in yourself, who will? Believing in myself has not come naturally to me. I've had to overcome many challenges, but the journey of self-love is a road worth traveling on. I am guilty of still judging myself and being my own worst critic however, I have made so much progress and I will not give up. I will not give up on myself, my business, or my dreams. One day at a time I am trying. Hopefully this year I can bring this business to the next level. I deserve that and so does OGCJ. 

I recently created a new Blog called Life Fashion Freedom as a platform to showcase my wide array of interests. Feel free to check it out here

Ciao for now!

🖤 Deana Delrose

Instagram, Twitter & FB: @DeanaDoes