Pre-Order & Back-Order

Pre-order items are items that are currently in the beginning or middle of the production process. These items are not yet in stock and therefore not available to ship out. Date given as Delivery Date (if any) is the approximation of when the item is expected to be in stock. Pre-orders are processed as regular orders. When Pre-ordering an item your credit card/pay-pal account will be charged.


Pre-Order Terms

Pre-order items that state they are for Pre-Order is to be made after minimum order amount has been reached. It may take up to 3-7 weeks. If order amount is not reached payment will be refunded.

You will be contacted if there is an unexpected delay or if order has been canceled in which case you will be refunded. Payment is required at the time you place your pre-order. Your credit card/pay-pal account will be deducted once you place your order.

If you wish to cancel your Pre-order please contact us. Information is found on the contact tab.


Popular items may sell out quickly and temporarily be on back order. This means that the items are currently out of stock but that there are shipments on their way to re-stock our warehouses. Ordering an item that is currently on back order is a worry-free way to ensure that you will be first in line for the new inventory and that the item which you ordered will be sent out to you as soon as we receive it!

  • Items you order in addition to the back ordered item will ship out immediately.
  • The back ordered items in any order will automatically ship out as soon as we receive the item in the order which they were placed.
  • You will be notified via a shipment confirmation email (and a tracking number) once your back ordered items have shipped. You will not need to contact customer support, or do anything to follow up on the back ordered item. We will take care of it for you from here on out!
  • We will do our best to estimate when back ordered items are expected to ship, and send this information to you via email. This is only an estimation, subject to change, and shipping dates are not guaranteed.