About OGCJ

OGCJ™ (Only God Can Judge) is a Clothing Company that's goal is to inspire, empower and spread powerful messages of love and non-judgment of thy self and others through fashion. By doing so we plan to break down barriers and build up understanding, gratitude, acceptance, happiness and peace.

OGCJ is a Woman Owned Business, it was founded and trademarked by Deana Delrose in 2014.

Currently we are only shipping in the US & Canada, but we hope to expand soon.

Lastly, but certainly not least, $1 from every product sold goes to a nonprofit. For more details, please see Missions tab.


Message from Deana Delrose,

Founder & CEO of OGCJ:

Hi Beautiful Being,

It's the day before the new website and collection launches and I am in awe. There were many moments of doubt where I didn't think that I could continue yet, excitingly and realistically here we are!

I made OGCJ with my younger self in mind. The girl who struggled with fitting in, (which was especially hard because we didn't have a lot of money growing up). I always felt judged and insecure because I wasn't the smartest, coolest, skinniest, you name it-est, but I am ME.

To be honest even at the age of 31, I am still learning who that "ME" is. What I do know is that I love helping people and spreading positive messages through fashion. I love when someone gets excited about what OGCJ means to them. I love when I believe in myself and push myself outside of my comfort zone and when I'm not attached to the results or expectations.

I am grateful that I get to try to learn and grow everyday that I am on this earth. I know doubt and fear will sometimes linger, but God always lingers and with God, anything is possible! Matthew 19:26

Please DON'T GIVE UP on your dreams, your faith, your hope, YOURSELF. If I can create this brand (whether it grows or not) you my friend, can do anything!

God, thank you for this platform and opportunity to help and grow OGCJ. I believe it has, can and will make a difference. One person, one day at a time.

To my family, friends and OGCJ supporters, I love you guys!!

Lastly, rest in peace my angels who supported me from day 1; My beautiful Mother Rae, Grandpa Charlie & Grandpa Tony. I am thankful for the belief you had in me before I found it for myself.

With love & good vibes,

- Deana Delrose