Our Mission:

In addition to our aspirations of empowering individuals while spreading powerful messages of love and non-judgment through fashion, we also strive to help others by donating 10% of proceeds to hand-selected nonprofits targeting a person or cause. By doing so, we are living out our principles of helping individuals and communities.

The organizations we choose may vary throughout the year. We will always provide you with the most up-to-date information.

With love and good vibes,

— The OGCJ Family



Current Nonprofit Participants:

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project saves lives! They do so by providing life-saving crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth, "We believe that LGBTQ young people deserve a welcoming, loving world. And we wake up every day dedicated to making that a reality." We at OGCJ, are inspired by The Trevor Project and its impact on young individuals. In addition to the support that they are providing, they're also committed to advocacy, research, and education.

The sad fact is that suicide is the second leading cause of death among all young people in the United States. People are suffering, and they shouldn't have to, especially not alone, regardless of their sexual identity or preference.

We stand with The Trevor Project and for those that are struggling. We care about you, are praying for you, and we are sending you so much love.

The Trevor Project will receive 10% of all proceeds starting October 4 until December 31.

"Here you 
can reach out to a counselor if you’re struggling, 
find answers and information, and get the tools 
you need to help someone else." If you are in crisis and would like to chat to someone please call 1-866-488-7386.

For more information on The Trevor Project's impact and how to get more involved please go to https://www.thetrevorproject.org





Past Nonprofit Participants:


A21 is a non-profit that we admire due to its perseverance and hard work to save and change lives. A few years ago, I heard about A21 through my church. It was incredible to hear about what they were doing. Their mission is simple, yet complicated, to "end slavery." As stated on the A21 website, "Human Trafficking is the abuse of children, women, and men for their bodies and labor. It's modern-day slavery."

It's horrific to learn about the stories people have gone through when they are trafficked. Unfortunately, human trafficking takes the lives of many that won't even get the chance to tell their story. It blows my mind that this is something that is happening in the modern-day. Not only that but to the horrific extent that it does. Also, it's astonishing the lack of conversations our society has in regards to it.

I hope and pray that one-day slavery, human trafficking is abolished!
From October 2020 - October 2021 we've donated 10% of all sales to A21.
For more information on A21's impact and how to get more involved please go to https://www.a21.org/ 
In 2016 I joined A21's silent walk in New York City. It was more emotional and heartbreaking than I could have prepared myself for, but I felt so honored to help spread awareness.
To read about my experience at the A21 silent walk click here: https://lifefashionfreedom.com/2021/01/12/the-day-i/

Team LeGrand

One fall day in 2010, Eric LeGrand was playing football for Rutgers University at MetLife Stadium and his life was drastically changed. After one bad tackle and a near-death experience, Eric became paralyzed.
Every single day Eric LeGrand shows strength, determination, and love for life. He is a legend who inspires people everywhere he goes. His outlook on life is infectious. Every day we at OGCJ pray to God for Eric and his family to receive strength and blessings. We also pray for Eric to walk again one day! We at OGCJ believe!
We at OGCJ are grateful and appreciative to be able to play a small role in helping Eric LeGrand and others like him who face similar challenges. Eric is a hero who reminds us to believe in ourselves and search for the good in everything.
Over the last 6 years, OGCJ has happily donated $1 from every product sold to Team LeGrand of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Team LeGrand “helps individuals living with spinal cord injury and their families by supporting quality of life initiatives and emerging therapies that will get us to the end zone -- cures for SCI.”
For more information please go to www.TeamLeGrand.org


Eric LeGrand at the 9th Annual 
"A Walk to Believe" - Rutgers 6/9/2019