Following Your Purpose

Following Your Purpose

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Everyone has a purpose. Everyone is here to add their sparkle of something special to the abundance of the universe. We are all magical, and even more so when we understand what it is we are here to do. We are all unique, yet the same. Our purposes may differ, yet we all add to the same endless bounty which is the universe.

This isn’t necessarily a how-to in finding your purpose it’s more like a small hand guide from what I have seen, been through and heard from others.

Don’t fight it. Sometimes as humans we have a tendency in fighting our purpose. You could fight it, bury it, forget it, move on, but when it is your God given gift and eternally written into your coding and DNA you will always feel it. Seek, embrace and bask yourself in it. Also, if you are navigating towards a negative purpose then I would absolutely fight it — I believe everyone has a good heart and is here to do good and gets mislead.

Fight for it. Don’t get the two confused; fighting it and fighting for it are two completely different things. Achieving your purpose will not be easy. It will be something that you work towards and have to fight for every day. I am not talking physical fighting either. If you have to physically fight for it, then it most likely isn’t your purpose — except maybe if you are a boxer or UFC fighter.

One of the most important things to remember when on this journey towards or with your purpose is gratitude. Many people don’t even have the knowledge or fortune to find their purpose they are just on survival mode. That’s ok because the balance of the world is maybe that you are one of those people that can help guide them to find their purpose or help them in some way. Anything is possible. That is why it’s super important to remain humbled and grateful whichever direction your purpose leads you.

Patience, patience, and patience. One of the hardest things in the world is to be patient. Especially now we live in a society with fast technology where we receive instant gratification on many different platforms. However, the best most worthy things are made through trial, tribulation, error and time.“Rome wasn’t built in a day” remember that great classic saying? It’s true.



Don’t compare yourself to others and their; progress, journey and purpose. When doing so it will deflect your progress and your special purpose. Everyone is on a different track and when judging or comparing yourself you’re using energy that could be better attributed in more positive areas.

Drown out the noise. If you start to hear noise and don’t get out of it, it will not get out of you. It has the ability to totally destroy and ruin your purpose if you let it. Noise is found in negative thoughts; I am not good enough, I don’t have what it takes, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have the right schooling, etc. Also noise could be found in other people’s remarks; putting you down, making you feel bad about yourself or your ideas, etc. Addiction is noise too. By feeding it, it could destroy you and your purpose. (I will write a whole article dedicated to noise in the future)

If you have a hard time trying to figure out your purpose try something different and seek ways in which you could help people. Think of different things you would enjoy doing for others. When we aim at the greater good and helping someone other than ourselves I believe it sends out a message to the universe. Be open minded and receptive your purpose might be right in front of you…

It is unmeasurable the overflow of joy, accomplishments, and peace that occur when becoming one with your purpose. It is always within you, but when you believe in yourself you will be astonished by what you could do. Also, when channeling God and having faith you could move mountains! If you don’t believe me then look at the people you admire who are successful in their careers because they followed their purpose; Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Malala to name a few.



Last, but certainly not least, God. When wanting to find your purpose, seek him. When needing to move mountains on your journey, call him. When having doubt and fear, trust him. When wanting to drown out the noise, listen for him. When your living your dream purpose filled life, praise him.

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By Deana Delrose

Delrose Chronicles 

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Nina Fox
“When we aim at the greater good and helping someone other than ourselves I believe it sends out a message to the universe.” – this resonated with me the most. I think when we focus less on ourselves and more on our potential utility for the greater good we have the ability to get unstuck.

When I was in London a few years ago, I learned that if you say YES to the Universe, the Universe says YES to you. I have been saying YES a lot lately and I believe that ‘the Universe’ is responding. I ended up here and I found this article very helpful.

Thank you for sharing your insights on this topic.

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