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Details Behind OGCJ’S Latest Inspirational Tee

The following quote is by Eric LeGrand:


Let’s re-read that again and slowly “Believing is the first step to success.” Now sit with it for a minute and let it register…

That is such a powerful quote. To truly understand it and let it sink in could create endless possibilities.

In this fast moving, always doing something society, we are so quick to get into things and start the process. Instead of taking steps often times we want to take jumps, and leaps. Wether it’s a job, relationship, opportunity, we want to see results and usually fast. However, if you build the foundation on sand, it’s not going to stand.

That’s what many of us do. However, we need to take time to stop and truly believe in what it is we are doing. Believe in who we are. Believe in our dreams. Believe in our spouse, friend, or loved one. When doing so the foundation becomes stronger. We must believe to succeed! No matter how big the dream. No matter how big the goal. No matter how bad the doctors diagnosis is, if you want the diagnosis to go away, you must believe it will! A little belief goes a long way, a lot of belief could change all your days.


Every single person has the possibility to leave their mark on this world. Unfortunately we as humans tend to limit ourselves thinking we can’t. When placing limits in your life it will limit your mark and potential. Whether it’s doubt, fear, lack of belief, etc. Don’t let it stop you. You can leave a mark. But we can’t go back in time and we can’t fast forward to the future. All we have is this moment, today, now.

We believe in you and we believe you can leave a mark on this world. Do you know what it is? If not, take some time for yourself today to think about it. Maybe ask some friends what they think. Talk about it, you never know who can help you or who is feeling the same way.

Eric and OGCJ collaborated on this tee with hopes to inspire you. Inspire you to believe in yourself and to remind you that you can leave a mark, an imprint an anything you truly want. Whether that mark is big or small, it doesn’t matter. Whether it’s doing good for your neighbor, making others feel happy or creating a business, product, or life that you love. The possibilities are ENDLESS. The OGCJ Family knows for sure that there is something special inside of you, that only YOU have! Did you know that? Well if you don’t know, now you know! ;)

With much love,

- The OGCJ Family

Story of my first time wearing the New Believe Tee!

By: Dean’a Delrose

It was a long day and it started early in the wee hours of the morning. I had to prepare and pack for the 6th Annual A Walk to Believe. A Walk to Believe is an annual walk to raise funds and awareness for Team LeGrand. Team LeGrand is a non-profit to help people and their families who have spinal cord injuries. Also, to help find a cure! Everyone at OGCJ is very passionate about this non-profit and we wouldn’t miss this event for the world.

Even though some rain made an appearance it didn’t stop anything. Lots of people came out to support this great cause and it ended up being a successful event and beautiful day!

Dean’a Delrose
Eric with his adorable niece
Starting from left: Rachel, Eric, Dean’a

After the event I had a spontaneous, yet beautiful, lunch with my siblings. By the time I got home I had an hour and a half to pack all my stuff to bring back with me to NYC.

I did a little shopping in NJ as I needed a few things for the summer and I did not want to pay for NYC sales tax. Plus, I hit the Payless Shoe Store lottery and got all of the below for $101! Aren’t they pretty? Sorry I can’t help it, I’m a lady, shoes sidetrack us..

All from Payless

Ok now back to the story..

I tried to pack everything in a large suitcase. Not surprisingly, it didn’t fit so I put the duffle bag to use (thanks to my cousins for the suitcase set hookup that I received a few days prior). I also had my book bag that was extra heavy due to my laptop and such.

I told my sister as she dropped me off at the train station that even though I was on a tight budget that I was probably going to splurge and take a cab from Penn Station because it would be too much work for the long journey to my apartment on the Upper East Side.

However, once arriving at Penn Station and saw it wasn’t raining yet I decided to just start walking. Man was it a hassle and right off the bat! Everything all together must have weighed about 60lbs (might be exaggerating, but sure felt that heavy). I had to keep switching hands, maneuvering the duffle bag from shoulder to shoulder. However, I kept going. I got to the first Subway station near Times Square — which I then tackled a few big flight of stairs before jumping on the Shuttle that brought me to 42nd Street Station.

this story has a point, I promise keep reading..

From the shuttle I walked to the 6 uptown train platform. Once I got on the 6 train I smelt something pretty bad. After looking around I realized it was me. I was that smelly person on the train looking like I just ran a marathon (I think we’ve all been there and if you haven’t yet, then let me know when you do! ;). I was completely drenched in sweat. I was breathing heavily, and I looked like a hot mess but I didn’t care, I was on a mission. When the train stopped at my station I got out and kept going.

Now I had to walk 4 blocks north and 4 long blocks east. The thought of the walk was terrifying. I was really considering getting a cab. Then I happened to looked down at my shirt. “Believing is the first step to success.” I can do this walk! I believe I can! I’ve already come so far! This is not just a walk with a bunch of heavy luggage it is a symbol for any difficult situation. It all starts with belief and then following it up with action or whatever you feel comes after, whatever is right for you. For me on this day was just putting one foot in front of the other one step at a time.

After I realized this I started smiling. I can do this. As I started walking I thought “why the hell would I do this to myself though?” I didn’t have to make my bags so heavy I mean after all I am going back to NJ next weekend. But I did make them heavy and I couldn’t change that. I had to accept the challenge I created for myself and finish it.

So now I am a block and a half away from the apartment and it starts to drizzle, I start to walk a little faster. The closer I got to my apartment the more it started to rain. When I got to the top of my block I started speed walking. I hurried to get my keys out, I got into my apartment building I looked back outside and it was DOWN POURING and when I say down pouring it was raining huge cats and dogs!

I was so relieved, excited, happy until I realized I had to then walk everything up 5 flights of stairs. I took a deep breathe and I took the first trip up the stairs with my book bag and duffle bag. Opened my apartment door chugged 2 glasses of water, then went back downstairs to grab my suitcase. I got back in with everything, gasped a little bit for air (stairs are a killer, you’d be surprised!) then I smiled as I was so proud of myself.

No matter how big our situation or how heavy it is, it all starts with one step, believing!

My belief for Eric (and I know it is his is too) is to get on that field at MetLife Stadium and to lay down where he got hit, stand up and walk away. Hence the footprints on the t-shirt. I believe, which is why Team LeGrand is so important to me. Everyone at the walk believes. Eric is an amazing person with an exhilarating spirit in which we could all learn from.

I hope after reading this and/or after purchasing a t-shirt as a reminder that you believe more in; yourself, Eric, others, something, anything, a little more too.


Feedback is welcomed so please feel free to leave all comments or questions. Also, click here to see the published article on Medium.


By Deana Delrose

Delrose Chronicles 

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Rae Loria

Another inspiring, beautiful message from our amazing Dean’a Marie! This Tee is very special & so are you! Wishing you all the best in your endeavors! Love you honey, Mom xoxo

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