Spreading LOVE in NYC.

This video and post is an oldie, but goodie from 2014.

When I started OGCJ I knew that I wanted to make a versatile brand for different personalities and likes, all while underlying the importance of non-judgment. Also, to make a difference while doing it.

This is our first attempt at that. The statement tee; Judge less, Love more is more than just a statement. It's a lifestyle choice, to choose a life of non-judgement and to love more. It's a choice we all have as individuals. If we all started to judge less and love more it could make for better communities, cities and overall a better world. It starts with you and together we can make a difference! :)

When having a meeting to figure out whom to give these shirts to and how, we came to the conclusion to give it to the people who not only need it, but whom gets judged on a daily basis, the homeless. So we went around NYC one summer day and did just that. We also gave out shirts to a couple of people who looked like they needed a little pick me up. Most new clothing companies rush to give their clothes to the famous, the rich, and overlook the people who are a big part of every community. We also brought food, water and smiles.

Big Thanks to Mr. Ferroni, Chaun Comrie, and videographer Tariiq for making this video possible.

I hope you enjoy the video and help spread the word.


You can also watch the video here on our YouTube Channel:

Thank you & much love,

Deana Delrose

Founder & CEO of OGCJ



Amazing video from our daughter’s clothing line! I love this concept & wish you the best of luck Dean’a Marie! God bless you! Love you so much honey! XOXO

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