We are so inspired by you. You are the reason why we started OGCJ and you are the reason that we are still here. We wanted to give up many times over the last 7 years. Every time we truly considered it, someone placed an order or wrote us a meaningful comment that rejuvenated our spirit and filled us with enough strength to move forward and continue on our OGCJ - Only God Can Judge mission and journey. For that, we can't thank you enough.

It was important for us to have space (pun intended 😉) for just you! You in all your magnificent variations of beauty, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, passions, talents, age, etc. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is worth feeling loved and accepted. Everyone has a light that shines and we want to see and hear all about YOURS!

A reminder for those that may be in a dark place. You have a choice. You can choose to focus on the darkness or you can seek the light. No matter how dark it gets once there's even a sliver of light it penetrates the darkness. Yes, it may still be dark, but that light symbolizes hope. We choose to see that hope today and we hope you do the same.

"Through every dark night, there's a bright day." —Tupac Shakur

"Even a small star shines in the darkness" Finnish Proverb


Here's what you can do to be featured on our page:

  • Email us with the following:
    • What does Only God Can Judge mean to you?
    • How do you shine your light?
    • If you feel comfortable, share something about yourself; maybe some passions, a story, anything you like.
    • A picture of yourself with your OGCJ products would be great! if not, any picture of yourself or something you like! Pets included!

Email us: contactus@shopogcj.com

Please email or comment below if you have any questions. 

With love and good vibes,

The OGCJ Family



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