Lauren Corzine ★

"...I’ve fallen in love with their philosophy! OGCJ’s mission is to spread messages of non-judgment and love through fashion. They started the brand after seeing so many people judge themselves harshly which often brings upon; depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol addiction and even suicide! People often tend to judge others too. Which creates misunderstanding, pain and isolation. We don’t know somebody’s struggle, their past, fears, dreams, etc. Without judgement there’s more room for love, connection, peace, joy and tolerance.

I know for myself, I despise being judged by others for my short comings as a human being. I also know that I’m guilty of judging others based on what I think they should or shouldn’t be doing/saying. Forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes and for judging the people around us can be difficult. That’s why I love these shirts! They have become a great reminder for me to spread more peace, love, and light. Not just for my sake, but for the beautiful humans I interact with.. Judge Less. Love More! ❤️"

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