Jozlyn ★

What does Only God Can Judge mean to you?

The term Only God Can Judge means a lot to me, because I have always been judged when I was younger and I think that people should not judge other people just by the way they look. Also God is the only one that actually knows who we are and how we ain't so God should be the only one who can say if we are a bad person or not.

How do you shine your light?
I shine my light by showing other people that I am not like them and I will always be different from them and I am not the perfect little girl that everybody thinks I am.
My Story is I was bullied a lot from 2nd grade to now 6th grade. The reason nobody likes me is because I was always the child with no money or not very good clothes. And then I went to summer camp with my best friend and I met Jackie. After I met my friends at camp or even just after i went to camp I feel like God was telling me that no one can judge me but Him. After I got back from camp I started reading the Bible and I just felt closer to Him than I ever have before. My back story is not that interesting but it's mine and that's what makes it so special.
You are so brave, Jozlyn. Thank you for sharing. The OGCJ Family is proud to have you as an OGCJ Star and we are sending you so much love. May God Bless and watch over you always. 

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