Elvin J. R.

Random fact:

"I sing, but not a lot of people know that."

Love about OGCJ:

“OGCJ is all around a great concept and an amazing clothing brand. Not only is it classy and comfortable, but it varies and can be used for a lot of different people and types of styles.”

Favorite hobby:

“I love my video games. I’m a sucker for sport games, but Call of Duty’s Ghost for XBOX is my favorite.”

Thoughts on judgment:

“I was judged growing up because I have an identical twin brother. People always stared at us and I always used to think I was a freak or something. It wasn’t until I grew up and realized it made us unique. I also learned that the less you judge people the more you feel better about yourself and everything around you.”

-Elvin J. R., 23 years old, Warehouse Manager

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