Alicia E.

Random fact:

“I’m totally afraid of flying, but completely obsessed with aviation.”

Love about OGCJ:

“I feel so comfortable exposing the clothing & delivering a message that I believe in without worrying about the negative feedback from society.”

Favorite hobby:

“I am a foodie to the core so trying out new restaurants is most certainly my favorite hobby.”

Thoughts on judgment:

“I sometimes feel like I'm judged, mostly in public since I'm in an interracial relationship. I am very naïve to things like this however; over the last year it's been brought to my attention in more ways than one. It's made me feel very insecure as if to say I'm not good enough to be with the person I love. In all actuality, it's my relationship and no one else needs to understand it or agree with it, which has made my relationship stronger and even more beautiful.”

-Alicia E., 25 years old, Sever @ Outback Steakhouse

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